Wind Elves

Racial Bonuses:

+1 Coordination – Riechte made his children as quick as the gales that blow across the top of Rhistemme.

Keen Ears – The Wind Elves have large, pointed ears which allow them +ED in Hearing.

Natural Music – The Riechaise can hear music in everything. Their ears pick up on the natural rhythms of the world, and they constantly hear music from anything that is not totally still or not acted upon. (Example: Re’ala is in a completely silent room furnished with a desk and window. She does not hear music from either of these furnishings. If a small breeze were to blow through the window and into the room, however, she would hear music from the sounds of the wind flowing through the window and around the desk.) This give them +ED in Perform.

Beautiful – Wind Elves gain the first rank in the Beauty advantage for free.

Wind Elves

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