Water Elves


The fourth of the Died-Kin to emerge, the Morji are the children of Morquinn, god of the seas. Though once completely aquatic, Morquinn noticed that his spawn could and would go above water to breathe air – a holdover from their human origins. To make it easier for his progeny to enjoy both the air and water, he rose a small island chain from the depths for them to inhabit – the Gi-Mori islands. To protect his people from outsiders Morquinn surrounded the islands with patches of coral reef.


The Water Elves are a friendly and peaceful people who live comfortably in their tropical home. They are also a passive people who tend to prefer to let the world come to them and take the easiest route around it. Many other cultures tend to think they are lazy, but they simply try to get the most out of the work they put in to any given action.

The Morji also place a special emphasis on the family and community. They believe that it is their duty to watch out and lend a helping hand where needed to their fellows. This sometimes leads to being taken advantage of when outside of their home.

A relatively recent event in Water Elf culture is their love of sailing ships. Brought to them first by Wind Elves, the Morji quickly mastered the art of their creation and use.


The Gi-Mori islands are ruled over by noble families and a king who are the primary decision-makers. Though the nobles do wield large amounts of power they are often very fair to their subjects. An unspoken rule amongst the citizenry being that royalty is easily replaced.


Water Elves are shaped much like humans, but their skin is sleek and hairless. Their skin also commonly comes in shades and mixtures of blue, green, or red with splotches or stipes of purple for members of royal families. Their eyes are always one shade or another of blue, green, yellow, and purple (again, reserved typically for royalty). The Morji also possess webbed fingers and toes as well as gill slits on their necks. Males tend to have colorful ridged fins that can sprout from either the neck, the top of the head, or their forearms. Females also typically grow thin protrusions from around their waists that form a skirt-like structure and can extend anywhere from to halfway to their knees or almost to their ankles. Once these protrusion have grown, they usually take the place of clothing for the bottom halves of their bodies. Both of these structures begin to form around sexual maturity.


The Morji speak a soft, wooshing language called Shoge that sounds reminescent of the tide on the beach and accents similarly to Japanese.

Racial Bonuses:

+1 Body – Bodies made for constant swimming have generated a race of muscular beings.

Amphibious Heritage – The Morji have both gills and lungs as well as lightly webbed hands and feet. This allows them to breath underwater and affords them +MD in any athletics check made to swim.

Instinctive Navigation – Water Elves are innately attuned to which direction they are going and how to get back to where they came from. This gives them a +ED in Direction.

Water Elves

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