Shadow Elves


The history of the Norshkiy is as mysterious as their own nature. It is known that the skin shapers of Zhik were the last of the Died-kin to be created, however, it is hotly debated between even their own people whether they were made by Palim or Norum, and both gods claim responsibility. Forced to the black sand desert in the north of Thanona by the Wind Elves, the Shadow Elves have learned to survive in the few oases that dot the land.


Life in the harsh desert of Zhik has made the Shadow Elves opportunistic by nature. Most Norshkiy make it a habit to never pass up a free meal or an unattended item that may be useful. They live by the golden rule of Finder’s Keepers. Unfortunately, the habits learned in their homeland are seen with much social stigma outside of it.

Keen minds have always been well-thought of amongst the Shadow Elves. With resources scarce, many great feats of engineering have been made within the city-states of Zhik to help feed, water, clothe, and house its inhabitants. Complex water capturing machines and irrigation techniques are but a few of the marvels that came out of necessity for the Norshkiy.


The city-states of Zhik are each ruled by a governor who has little to no influence outside of his or her own city. Governor is a typically inherited title and one that comes with much responsibility. A city’s governor is a near absolute monarch within his domain, and the rules and laws of one city can differ drastically from another.


The Shadow Elves are a dark-skinned people with matching hair and eyes, and it is from this that they draw their name. A member of the Norshkiy typically stands at roughly the same height as a human, and their frame is propotionate. Their hair is very thin and often styled quite long to keep the sun off of their neck, backs, and shoulders.


Shadow Elves speak Shkiy Lanzk, a language as harsh as the sun of their home. Shkiy Lanzk has an accent similar to Russian.

Racial Bonuses:

+1 Command – Shadow Elves have strong minds and great amounts of self-discipline and control.

Body Control – The Shadow Elves’ ability to manipulate the small tissues and glands of their body allow them to slow or speed their metabolism as necessary. A very handy tool in their desert home. This is a very mentally exhaustive activity, however.

Low-light Vision – The Norshkiy have become mostly nocturnal creatures to avoid the daytime heat of their home, and as such their eyes have become well adapted to darkness.

Shapechanger – Norstrova posses the ability to control fine physical features which allows them to take the semblance of any other humanoid. This process takes roughly 3-5 minutes to do well.

Skin Stealth – The Shadow Elves can use their control over their body to camoflauge themselves against their background. This provides +ED in Stealth for any attempts to hide.

Shadow Elves

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