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Though years of interbreeding and racial dilution have bred all Humans into genetically similar beings, the various countries of the continent of Amsteil have drastically different cultures and hold genetic roots that can greatly distinguish single humans based on their ancestry.

Capimil, Creatil, Icerein, Loteros, Remiet, Stais

Elves (Deid-Kin)

The Deid-Kin, or “Elves” as Humans commonly refer to them, are a group of humanoid beings supposedly created in a jealous fit by several of the other gods. Throughout this Wiki these species will generally be reffered to by the name commonly used amongst Humans.

Fighting Elves, Fire Elves, Forest Elves, Shadow Elves, Water Elves, Wind Elves


The magic of Amsteil is based around the manipulation and expenditure of manna, the body’s vital essence. This section will detail the different “families” of magic and the subtypes within them as well as light magical theory and mechanics within the setting.


Arcane Magic
Divine Miracles
Primordial Magic

Callers, Druidism, Shamanism


The World of Amsteil is very much run according to its mythology and religious beliefs, and as such, it deserves mention and explaination.

Theistic Divisions,

The Respected Gods

Geid, Gillim, Gomu, Heweren, Jalorn, Kalfen, Krise, Mayla, Micrei, Morquinn, Nam, Palim, Riechte, Thrask

Disdained Gods

Mishew, Norum, Resia, Trafesh

Death and the Afterlife

The people of Amsteil share a belief in the afterlife known as The Journey and its road to reincarnation. This section will deal with those beliefs and the people and places central to them.

The Cold Docks, The Gray Ships, The Journey, Undertakers

The Keepers

The Timekeeper, The Recordkeeper, The Soulkeeper

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