Forest Elves


The Mayleli were the first of the elves to be created. Jealous and enraged by her mother’s creations, Mayla, goddess of nature, created her own race of sentient beings to live closer to nature than the humans who cut the trees from the ground to make their homes.


The Forest Elves of Wispène are a nomadic people, constantly following the disjointed herds of mberu, an ungulate (similar to a deer), that move througout the great forest. They have become expert trackers in this repect and are highly utilitarian. They use the skins and bones of the animals they slay to make mobile living spaces, weapons, and clothing. No resource goes unused. The Mayleli also practice a form of body art and territorial marking. The day a Forest Elf is born he is tattooed with the markings of his Clan, Tribe, Pack, and Parents. On the day the elf becomes an adult, the day he first hunts and kills an animal with his own claws, he is tattooed with his own personal mark that he has designed himself. These marks are used to show possession on any item from a weapon to a tree.


The Meyleli have a basic and limited goverment, but mostly see to governing themselves on the small scale. The people of Wispène are seperated into three groups, the Pack, the Tribe, and the Clan. The smallest major unit is the Pack. Packs consist of anywhere from 2, a newly formed pack, to 35, unusually large. The pack is managed by the Alpha and it is obligated to obey orders given to it by the Tribe Hierarch. Going up a size is the Tribe. Tribes can consist of a single pack to a general maximum of 13. The next unit in the chain of command is the Clan. Clans are headed by a single chieftan who attempts to keep peace between the various tribes and packs under his purview.


Forest Elves look much like humans with slightly pointed ears. As well they keep light tan to peach skin and are often quite hairy. Their nomadic lifestyle tends to produce a lean yet muscular people. Their hair ranges in color from dark browns to mossy greens and the same can be said or their eyes. As well, golden eyes are common enough amongst the Mayleli. A Forest Elf’s claws can range in color from clear to white or to a dark brown or black.


The Mayleli speak a deceptively complex language called Jhuhali that helps them coordinate their hunting parties and assign jobs throughout the pack. Jhuhali sound similar to Swahili.

Racial Bonuses:

+1 Sense – The cautious prey found in the forests of Wispène require keen senses to hunt, senses that the Forest Elves have finely honed.

Natural Weapon – The Mayleli grow into hard, sharp claws where human fingernails would be found. These claws deal W in shock + 1 killing.

Primal Drive – The nomadic lifestyle of the Forest Elves has made a hearty people. Forest Elves gain +ED in Vigor.

Forest Elves

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