Fire Elves


The Thraskah were the third of the Deid-Kin to come into creation. Made by the fire god Thrask, the inhabitants of Mt. Covern were formed with molten earth culled from the volcano itself. The island of Covern was raised by Thrask through an underwater vent that began to spew magma and did not stop until it the island had been formed.


The Fire Elves live in a “fluid” caste system that determines one’s options for buying disirable real estate, their taxes, and the strength of their voice in the Congress. The elves all live in and around Mt. Covern with the Laborer caste on the actual ground, the Farmer caste taking the bottom rim of the volcano, the Merchant Class taking the middle, the Warrior class living along the outer rim, Artisans claiming the inner rim, Judicators takind the inside middle, and the Noble caste living along the inside base.


The Thraskah are governed by the laws and policies developed within their Congress. The representatives that make up the Congress are pulled from each caste with favor given to the higher castes. Each noble house recieves a representative whereas the entire labor caste has only 2. Debate within the Congress is known to be as intense as the fires that souround the House of Congress, and it is not uncommon for verbal assualts to become physical.


The Thraskah appear mostly human, but their skin is always a shade of tan, and both their hair and eyes come in fiery reds, yellows, and oranges. The occasional blue eyes can be found and they are often matched with white hair. They are seen as qualities common of the most passionate, intense, and inspiring of their kind.


Fire Elves speak Fyric, a hard, popping language that stresses intonation. Fyric has an accent similar to Arabic.

Racial Bonuses:

Leather-Skinned – The Thraskah’s skin has toughened to a leather-like quality from constant exposure to high tempuratures. They recieve +1 wound boxes to each hit location.

Flame Borne – The Fire Elves have adapted to the heat of their volcanic home; they are comfortable in areas of extreme heat.

Fiery Passion – The denizens of Mt. Covern are both a factional people and a passionate people. Much time among them is spent arguing and debating philosophical and political ideals. Such debates can, and do, turn violent at a moment’s notice.

Fire Elves

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