Fighting Elves


The Fighting Elves, or Geid-Das, are the creations of Geid, the god of war, and the last of the known Deid-Kin to be created. The Geid-Das were once one of the weakest beings found in all of Amsteil, consistent prey for many of the large predators that live in the jungles of southern Thanona. Geid took these poor creatures and gave them weapons along with the strength and knowledge to use them. The Geid-Das have since developed a strong warrior culture based on glory through battlefield ingenuity.


To the Fighting Elves strategy is key; not just in war, but in all things. This analytical take on life has produced not only great tacticians but shrewd diplomats and businessmen as well. As well, all Geid-Das are considered members of the Geidden-Ert military and may be called upon at any time to fight for the state. Rank in the Geidden-Ert is gained through valor on the battlefield and, of course, tactical skill. However, another way to gain rank in Fighting Elf society is through the game of Geimar, or “little war.” Geimar is an in-depth tactical game that is played against one or more opponents. While often played merely for amusement or practice, an official challenge may be made with rank and honor at stake. Though it is often seen as a sign of cowardice to refuse a challenge from someone of your own rank or just below, a colonel is not expected to accept a challenge from just any lowly private with nothing to lose.


The state of Geidden-Ert is ruled over by a war council consisting of the 5 highest ranked members of the military. The leader of the council is the Chief Commander of the military and is the final arbitrator on all decisions made by the council. The remaining four members are Lieutenant Commanders who act as advisers to the Chief Commander. They are not completely without power, however. Any decision made by the Chief Commander that is opposed unanimously by his lieutenants can be overruled.


The Fighting Elves of Geidden-Ert are a short and lean people, and they are typically not the prettiest thing to look at, at least by human standards. Their skin color ranges from most shades of gray to a dark, olive color, their ears are short and pointed, and their teeth are small and jagged. The elves’ hair color can be anything on the white-black spectrum and their irises tend to bright, metallic colors such as silver or a coppery red. Despite their somewhat monstrous appearance, Fighting Elves carry themselves with great amounts of honor and dignity. They keep themselves well-postured and hold their heads high.


The Geid-Das speak Schnellish, a guttural language with many monosyllabic words that sounds reminiscent of German.

Racial Bonuses:

+1 Coordination – Centuries of running through the jungle from predators before Geid’s intervention have bred quick reflexes into the Geid-Das.

Constant Training – The Geid-Das practice with every weapon imaginable so that they might find the best uses and counters with each. This gives them +ED in Fight.

Tactical Mind – The Fighting Elves’ minds have been given an innate grasp for strategem in one form or another that affords them +ED in either Strategy or Tactics.

Low-light Vision – The shadowy jungles of Geidden-Ert have caused the Fighting Elves’ eyes to adapt to less than ideal conditions.

Fighting Elves

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